Nosara Springs - Las Playas de Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Nosara Springs is an offering of Eco-Garden, Forested Properties with full utilities very close to all beaches, markets and fine restaurants. We are actually located within the original 1972 "Beaches of Nosara" subdivision, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Nosara Springs is "ready to build" with residential land use permissions in place from the Costa Rican National Institute of Housing and Urban Development (INVU) as well as MINAE (Environmental Ministry)

What makes us especially unique? We are the only area in the entire Beaches of Nosara with actual ecological easements registered, on every property, in the National Registry. These easements have created a de facto "zoning" for Nosara Springs. We are strictly residential with no bars, loud music, quad rentals, surf shops, skate parks or any other loud endeavors that would negatively impact either the animals or your neighbors.

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The Hood; Nosara Springs

Nosara Springs, a 500 metros del la playa, es en la cosmopolita-Tico comunidad más grande, antigua, diversificada e intersante de todo Costa Rica. Presenta el ambiente natural mas pristino y la mayor conciencia ambiental.

Nosara Springs es como un parque! 

Hay 52 lotes vendidos y ya hay various construidos! Aproveche este precio especial, $55 m2, por tiempo limitado.  

          Solo hay 3 de los lotes grandes disponibles: 

#10, #23 y #27. Todos son mas o menos 4750 m2.

                We presently have only 3 large "ranchettes" available: #10, #23 and #27, each approximately 4750 m2 (1.2 acres)

Llame a Michael @ Tel: 8845-0123

  • Lot sizes are approximately 1.2 acres (4650 m2 to 4900 m2) and the lot prices are just $55 per square meter. (52 properties have been sold! Building is underway!) 
  • Los precios ahora son solamente $55 por metro cuadrado. 
  • Water is supplied and infrastructure maintained by the Nosara Water District (A.S.A.D.A.) .
  • El proyecto cuenta con un contrato con la ASADA de Nosara, los medidores de agua para todos los lotes de Nosara Springs se encuentran pre-aprobados. En caso de moratorio, los lotes de Nosara Springs tienen excepción para conexión del servicio de agua inmediato.
  • Power for all parcels is provided and maintained by the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (I.C.E.). We are proud to announce that since spring, 2010 all of our electric posts in Nosara Springs have been fitted with insulated, monkey-safe wires.
  • Todos los lotes cuentan con electricidad. La línea eléctrica dentro del proyecto fue construida con cables semiaislados para proteger a los monos y otros animales.
  • An integrated drainage plan has been engineered and constructed for the entire development in coordination with all neighboring properties and in harmony with the natural movement of rainwater.
  • El proyecto cuenta con un eficiente sistema de drenaje para aguas pluviales, el cual fue adoptado por toda la sección R del Proyecto Americano. Nosara Springs nunca se inundará.
  • In 1986 the interior roads were legally designated as "public" by the municipality of Nicoya and are 10 meters wide. They have been built of the finest base material, crowned for water runoff and are a meter deep. After six years they remain, year around, some of the smoothest and least dusty in Nosara.
  • La mayoría de los lotes cuentan con frente a calle pública.
  • All appropriate environmental permissions, from both MINAE and SETENA (the Government of Costa Rica environmental agencies) have been applied for and received in advance of infrastructure installation, lot segregation and sales.
  • El proyecto cuenta con todos los permisos ambientales.
  • Excellent 5 bar, 4G cell phone reception is presently enjoyed everywhere on the property.
  • Hay cobertura total de servicio celular en todo Nosara Springs. (5 barras de 4G!).
  • All of Nosara Springs properties are transferred with clean titles and none of the annotation problems suffered by so many properties in Nosara.
  • Todo el proyecto cuenta con títulos limpias y sin anotaciones!
We at Nosara Springs take very personally both the environmental and quality of life issues facing our community. Please enjoy my pictures (Surfing & Fishing and Life & Drama tabs) which I hope impart some of the of the unique texture of life and nature in our area.